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'Canaan solidarity village' demolished for 3rd time, 4 activists arrested
'Canaan solidarity village' demolished for 3rd time, 4 activists arrested
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli forces demolished on Saturday morning Canaan village held by solidarity activists between the towns Sourif and Jab'a north-west of Hebron in rejection of Israeli settlement.

Palestinian News Agency (Safa) reporter said “the village has been declared a closed military area; four activists arrested: Mohammed Hmeedah from Bethlehem, and three Israeli solidarity activists,”

The activist Yousef Abu Maria one told Safa “the village was installed at Jab'a gateway, separating Jab'a village and Sourif town, and have been closed for three years,”

He explained that “a large force of the Israeli army surrounded the peace activists before having demolished the tent set up in the place, and severely beat the participants and journalists,” adding that “they threw a grenade that injured my hand,”

And Abu Maria pointed out that the intensive tear gas and stun grenade firing at the activists have set fire to three acres of olive trees in Sourif.

Abu Maria indicated that the solidarity tent idea is to emphasize Palestinian claim on (c) lands, which are all being on Palestinian popular resistance agenda.