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Israeli schemes attacking Haifa endowments
Israeli schemes attacking Haifa endowments
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Haifa, ALRAY – The activist in " We will protect Haifa endowments" Orwa Sittat warned of Israeli plans targeting Haifa endowments, stressing that the Haifa endowments are of the biggest endowments in seize in the historical Palestine.


"The endowments issue represented the identity, land and right, and the ambition of the next generations in Haifa," he said, pointing out that the Palestinian home is in front of a historical stage of defending the rights and properties.


He also stressed that the liquidation projects managed in the last ten years to stop suspicious deals, notably the sale and demolition Al-Jerinh Mosque, which was a target of establishing a twenty-storey commercial building, and the confiscation of Qassam cemetery.


The activist accused the Israeli municipality in Haifa of exerting more pressure on the endowments, through the claim debts of taxes and water accumulated over the decades.