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IMF suppresses march anti Al-Anwar Jewish festival
IMF suppresses march anti Al-Anwar Jewish festival
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Military Forces(IMF) suppressed a march on Saturday held by large numbers of Palestinians condemning a Jewish festival of "Al-Anwar" .

The festival was organized for the fifth year on Wednesday by the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem and other Israeli characters. They put light models and drawings on the gates of the old city of Jerusalem: Alamud, Hebron and the New gate  to attract more extremists and tourists to visit the city.

Eyewitnesses reported that clashes erupted  between Palestinians and Israeli settlers who had teased them, causing many suffocations of gas bomb.

It is noteworthy that IMF detained the journalist Sa'ed Al-Qaq for a long time after arresting him while he was at Alamud gate and transfered him to the police center for invistigation.