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IOF forces Jerusalemite to demolish his house
IOF forces Jerusalemite to demolish his house
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities forced on Monday the Jerusalemite Samer Dkaik to demolish part of his house in Assadeiah neighborhood in Old Jerusalem under the pretext of unlicensed building.

Dkaik said that Israeli authorities forced him to demolish a 30-m2 room in his house that he built a year ago. 

He explained that he along with his wife and his daughter and sons live in just one room, so that he built the other room for his sons, 
"No words can express the pain when you are forced to demolish your own house," he said. 

Israeli occupation authorities followed a systematic policy in demolishing Palestinian houses. It has demolished 180 facilities just in Jerusalem since the beginning of this year. In addition, it issued demolishing orders against 20.000 Palestinian houses.