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Al-Barghouti calls on Fatah to stop negotiations with Israel
Al-Barghouti calls on Fatah to stop negotiations with Israel
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Gaza, Alray -  The Member of  Fatah Executive Committee Marwan Al-Barghouti who has been in Hadarim Prison for 11 years called Fatah to exert more efforts to resist the Israeli occupation, stop depending on negotiations as the  sole option  and  do its best to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation.

He said in an interview with the Chinese News Agency" Shinhwa"," Fatah suffered setbacks after  President Arafat's death ."

 "The Palestinian leadership made a fatal mistake when it accepted to sign Oslo agreement with Israel in 1993, while thousands of prisoners are still in the Israeli jails," he ppointed out, criticizing the Central Committee of the PLO. 

He added," the Palestinian leadership  has been negotiating with Israel without any conditions concerning   releasing the Palestinian prisoners."

He appreciated the Palestinian role that called for releasing him and all prisoners inside Israeli jails.

There are 4600 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails. the Palestinian resistance succeeded in forcing the occupation to release 1027 prisoners in the swap deal signed between Hamas and Israel in exchange of the Israeli soldier Jilaad Shalit.

Referring to US Secretary of State John Kerry's visits to the region , Al-Barghouti considered the US as unfair mediator in the peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel, blaming it for being biased to Israel."

Al-Barghouti who was elected as a a member in the Fatah Central Committee in 2008, was arrested in 15 April 2002. He has to serve five sentences in the Israeli jails.