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Palestinian passport tells suffering of Diaspora story
Palestinian passport tells suffering of Diaspora story
A report issued by the International Organization for Human Rights indicated that the Palestinians refugees in Lebanon face socially and economically dire conditions.
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Occupied Palestine, ALRAY - The Palestinian passport is a clear sign of being Palestinian whether the Palestinians stick to their own identity, costumes and traditions or whether they try to create a new identity that follows the drama of the modern western identity.

As a matter of fact, the Palestinian passport will join the Palestinians in their travel trips around the world, even whilst living in the diaspora.

The story begins here

What is your real nationality? I’m of Palestinian origin displaced from the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967 and lived the rest of my life as a refugee in Gaza.


The story of the Palestinian nationalities holders starts to have the Palestinians suffered throughout history at many Arabs and foreign airports and ends by their death in unusual ways.


Either they will die in a hostile manner by the Israeli occupation forces inside of Palestine, or they will die in one of the refugee camps as in Al-Yarmouk camp in Syria.

Homelessness gives taste of death

Alray shed a little light on Palestinians’ suffering of the refugee camps in case they have harshly been massacred and killed, without taking into consideration the bad circumstances they live in.

People have been subjected to massacres that led to kill thousands of them inside of the Palestinian refugee camps in the adjacent Arab countries. A great evidence is the deliberated killing against the Palestinians children, women, men and aged people in al-Yarmouk refugee camp, apart from displacing them.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) formed by the UN on December, 1949 to provide help and services for the Palestinians refugees of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan is insufficient to deal with the tragedy of the Palestinians.

A report issued by the International Organization for Human Rights indicated that the Palestinians refugees in Lebanon face socially and economically dire conditions.

They have still been subjected to legal and administrative discrimination even after the amendment of the Lebanese laws in 2010 that facilitate the ability of the Palestinians refugees in getting jobs and engaging in the Lebanese workforce, the organization added.

Youth activist, Asim al-Nabih wrote in his blog which entitled “Let us celebrate from Gaza to Aleppo”:
“both of us know the taste of death and can differentiate the bombs dust. Both of us have the feeling of abandonment. Both of us die silently without even crying. Both of us realize the cruelty and the injustice of life. Both of us realize what it means to fight alone in the battle. Both of us lived the tumultuous nights of bombings. Both of us are accused of being terrorists and all kinds of weapons have been trying on us, in spite of being the oppressed and the slaughtered.”

Al-Nabih added in his humanitarian blog that conjugate the Palestinian life in Gaza to the Palestinian refugees in Syria, saying “let us celebrate Aleppo. Our children deserve wearing new clothes instead of the ones torn by the shrapnel. Our children deserve to taste sweets instead of tasting blood. Our children deserve to decorate their homes instead of demolishing them. Our children deserve to have free life of bombs, rockets and blood.”

Even the scenarios of resettling the Palestinians abroad have strongly been put up by Israeli-American agreements, it is impossible to apply it, not because of refusing of the host countries to assimilate the Palestinians, but because of the Palestinian adherence to their right of return.

Translated by Haytham Sh. Hararah for ALRAY NEWS AGENCY