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Settlers uproot, burn 2500 olive trees in Nablus
Settlers uproot, burn 2500 olive trees in Nablus
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Gaza, Alray - The Nablus Governor Jibreen al-Bakri on Monday denounced the continued attacks carried out by Israeli settlers' gangs against farmers and their property in Nablus especially the attack that targeted olive trees which is considered the main source of  income for the majority of farmers.

Bakri pointed out in a press release on Sunday that settlers attacks have recently increased dramatically.

He said dozens of settlers attack several farms and uprooted 2500 olive trees, and sprayed the crops with chemical incendiary. The attacks included the villages of Awarta, Bourin, Madma, Azmut and Deir Al-Hatab.

They also attacked the wheat fields in its harvest season. More than 40 dunums of wheat fields were burned intentionally by settlers during this month.