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Motion for withdrawing confidence from Israeli government
Motion for withdrawing confidence from Israeli government
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Occupied West Bank, ALRAY - The United Arab list in the Israeli Knesset submitted a motion for withdrawing confidence from the Israeli government due to its decision of expanding the project of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories.


The United Arab list said in a press release that the motion will be discussed and voted on later in the next week.


The United Arab list added that Israel’s Extreme Right-Wing Government continues to expand settlements in the Occupied Palestinian territories and tries to legislate a law of legitimizing settlements that violates international law and human rights.


The United Arab list said that key ministers in the Israeli government released their own official statements that support the project of settlement and call for joining the Palestinian Area known as “C” under the full Israeli control.


The United Arab list indicated that the Area “C” constitutes more than half of the occupied West Bank lands.


The United Arab list stressed the Israeli government’s policy that undermines every realistic possibility to establish an independent Palestinian state on 1967 borders.