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We work to lift unjust siege on Gaza: Egyptian FM
We work to lift unjust siege on Gaza: Egyptian FM
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr said "his country would continue its efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause, and they "succeeded in stopping the brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, and are working to lift the unjust siege imposed on them,"

Amr meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in the context of their participation in a donors' conference to support the city of Jerusalem held by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation added "Egypt keeps up efforts to realize the dream of an independent Palestinian state and it supported the Palestinians' move to get their legitimate right to recognition of a member state at the UN,"

The minister indicated that Egypt also is working diligently to achieve Palestinian reconciliation on the basis of the Cairo reconciliation agreement in May 2011, and is still continuing its efforts with all Palestinian factions to implement all agreement terms."