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Plans to build 675 housing units in Itamar settlement
Plans to build 675 housing units in Itamar settlement
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Gaza, Alray - As US Secretary of State John Kerry continues his efforts to restart peace talks, Israel continues to push West Bank construction plans. There are plans to build 675 new housing units in the settlement of Itamar, according to Ynet.


The construction plan was approved by the former Israeli Minister Ehud Barak prior to the latest elections. Of the 675 housing units, 137 are existing apartments that have now been retroactively approved.

The plan comes amid settler claims that Israel is imposing a "silent freeze" policy in the West Bank whereby construction permits are being denied without an official cabinet decision on the matter.


The Peace Now movement criticized the move. "Netanyahu has decided to change the rules and ruin any chance of reviving talks. Israel has become addicted to the construction of settlements that will not remain in Israel under any agreement. It will fall to Israel's citizens to pay the diplomatic and financial cost."


Meanwhile, a joint Israeli-Polish statement is causing embarrassment for the prime minister's bureau. A statement drafted by the National Security Council expressed objection to unilateral steps in the context of the Israel-Palestinian peace process.


The international community generally views settlement construction as a unilateral step.