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Palestinian Prof. manages to transplant three artificial hearts
Palestinian Prof. manages to transplant three artificial hearts
Palestinian Prof. Salim Haj Yahya
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Nablus, ALRAY - Palestinian Prof. Salim Haj Yahya, from the Palestinian city of Nablus, successfully managed to  save the life of Bilal Abdul Karim, 38, who was suffering from heart muscles failure and other problems related to his liver, kidney and lungs.

Prof. Yahya, who is considered to be one of the most famous heart transplant specialists in the world, hurried up to admit the patient Abdul Karim into the operation room, conducted a quickly cardiac resuscitation, and successfully completed the surgery of transplanting two temporary artificial hearts.

The two-artificial hearts have worked for several weeks on reviving the failed organs of Abdul karim’s body.

After Abdul Karim’s organs had come to life, Prof Yahya successfully managed to complete the transplanting of a permanent artificial heart in a very complicated serious surgery lasted for more than 15 hours.

Prof Yahya, who is also the director of Najah University Hospital, said that the surgery is to be the first of its kind in the Middle East.

After a long journey of study and work in Britain, Prof. Yahya came back to Palestine in 2014 and headed the Deanship of Medicine Faculty at An-Najah National University in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

It is worth mentioning that Prof. Yahya conducted the first successful surgery of transplanting a permanent artificial heart in 2011.

Prof. Yahya established several departments of artificial heart in many Arab and Middle East countries. He currently carries out this kind of surgeries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and South Africa.

“We conducted several surgeries of artificial heart transplanting in the recent years, however, this surgery was the most complicated one because we saved a person whose heart and other organs suffer from failure, and we successfully brought his organs to life again before transplanting the permanent heart,” Prof Yahya said.

Prof. Yahya added that several graduates of the university have been working in Palestinian hospitals and others outside, pointing that the cost of transplanting an artificial heart is so high.

Prof. Yahya said that An-Najah University Hospital is a non-profit institute that enjoys significant support by the head of the Palestinian government, Rami Alhamdallah.

“This success outflows from Palestine which is under occupation, means that people of Palestine have a great and exceptional will to live and  they will prevail and establish an independent and developed country in one day,” Prof. Yahya said.