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IMF arrests five Palestinians in WB
IMF arrests five Palestinians in WB
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Military Forces  arrested on Thursday at dawn five Palestinians from Hebron and Bethlehem.

According to Palestinian resources the IMF arrested Hussein Amro,60, and Anas Atwan, both of them are from Hebron.

“IMF stormed our house at 2 am, held all the family members in one room and then arrested my father and  took private documents and  father’s personal lap top,” said Anas Amro , the son of Hussein Amro.

IMF also arrested Jebraeel Alamor,42,  from Hebron after raiding and searching his house. Two of his sons were arrested 10 days ago while others interrogated by the Shin Bit.

In Bethlehem, two Palestinians were arrested: Anas Alsheik,23, and Hamza Alzeer,21.