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Ashrawi warns against accomplishing Greater Israel Scheme
Ashrawi warns against accomplishing Greater Israel Scheme
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Gaza, Alray - Member of the PLO Executive committee Hanan Ashrawi deeply denounced (Deputy Defense Minister)’s statement denying ruling out any possibility of achieving Palestinian statehood.

Israeli TV, Channel 1, aired an interview with Israeli deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who said that “there will never be a Palestinian State, and that the Palestinians are "settlers", should be part of Jordan,”

Danon said also “the Public should not be misled, as Israel would never allow the establishment of a Palestinian state, whether the United States sends envoys or not, whether it presents initiatives or not,”

Ashrawi called on the international community and the US administration to learn, and to reach conclusions about the Israeli government’s real policy, as expressed in the officials’ statements and systematically applied on the ground.

She indicated that Danon’s statement has not come out of the blue, but was preceded by many right-wing political programs upholding a transfer en masse, and a canton-state for the Palestinians in the West Bank.

“It was preceded as well by statements made by Netanyahu's government, which called for establishing Palestinian state surrounded on four sides by the Israeli army, with keeping the vast majority of Israeli settlements, and by the Knesset’s initiative (the Lobby for the Land of Israel) which sought to impose control over historic Palestine, without mention of the Gaza Strip,”

Stressing on the seriousness of such statements, Ashrawi pointed out that “Jordan is a sovereign state; it is not at the disposal of Israel; the Palestinian people are not subject to the whims of Israel; we do not belong to Israel so as to donate us to another country; we do have our own right to self-determination, land and institutions, as guaranteed by international laws and conventions,”

She added that “giving us an observer state at the UN can make that evident; we want the world to respect our rights and our national identity and guarantee exercise of sovereignty and independence for us,"

Ashrawi considered the Israeli official remarks a direct official message that requires the U.S. administration to take in the lesson that “the issue does not lie in resuming negotiations without preconditions by putting pressure on the Palestinian side alone, and in gaining Arab concessions in Israel's favor; the imminent danger lies in accomplishing Greater Israel scheme and thus destroying the chances for peace." she said.