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Ya'alon: Kerry's peace move fails
Ya'alon: Kerry's peace move fails
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Gaza, Alray - In an address to Washington Institute, Israel Military Minister Moshe  Ya'alon said that Kerry’s plan to bring the sides to the table had missed its June 7 deadline and “failed so far.”

Ya'alon stated  that Palestinians are clinging to their preconditions for coming to talks – “they want to get something for nothing” –.

During the speech , he said that the Israeli government believes "negotiations should not focus only on territories, but should extend to issues between the two countries."

He dismissed the recent Arab League agreement for “land swap” and the Arab initiative as a whole, describing it  as" nothing more than “spin” and a “dictation” to ' Israel' to give up territory before discussing its own demands".

 U.S. Secretary of State Kerry has praised the Arab League move as a significant step towards peace.