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Gaza seas yield new catch
Gaza seas yield new catch
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In an unprecedented event, early this morning Gaza fishermen caught
more than 400 stingrays, a species of fish unusual on Gaza tables
since Israel limited their fishing to within three nautical miles of
the shore.

The distance was increased in accordance with the ceasefire agreement
signed between Palestinians and Israelis, brokered by Egypt on 22
November 2012.

“Today's fishing achievement was the result of a collective effort by
more than 50 fishermen from Rafah and Gaza,” said Ghanem Salah, a
Palestinian fisherman.

“We fish in the Rafah Sea within the allowed distance, which is six
nautical miles,’ he added.
This species of fish occasionally comes in from the Atlantic Ocean.
"Gazans will enjoy the taste of this new kind of fish, which will be
sold for 12 shekels a kilo,” Salah pointed out, whilst hoping that
Israel will refrain from violating the terms of the agreement, as it
has done previously