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Official autopsy report: Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh medically neglected
Official autopsy report: Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh medically neglected
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Gaza, Alray - The autopsy on Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, died in Israeli jails on April 2nd, showed that he died medically neglected despite initial reports of having cancer.

Director of the Palestinian Medico-Legal Institute Saber Al-aloul said in a press conference held on Sunday at the Ramallah government media center “IPS delayed taking him to hospital and conducting necessary medical examinations; it had not given him the painkillers appropriate to his pathological condition,”

“Abu Hamdiyeh had not been transferred from prison to hospital with a well-equipped ambulance, which is contrary to international standards for dealing with prisoners and particularly the sick; he had not received chemical or radiological treatment even,” Al-aloul added.

The report holds IPS legally and morally responsible for the neglect of patient prisoners, as well as prison doctors for not fulfilling their duty towards them.

It showed the cause of his death was undifferentiated carcinoma grade 4 that spread to his lungs, neck, lymph nodes, liver, brain, bone and bone marrow.

The doctors of the institute recommended forming a committee of local and international forensic experts to be tasked with visiting the prisoners in Israeli jails, and checking on their health, and on the medical services they get.