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Israel launches wave of arrests
Israel launches wave of arrests
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Gaza, Alray - The wave of night time invasions and arrests by the Israeli MilitaryForces(IMF) is  still a very common occurrence in the West Bank; the IMF arrested 7 Palestinians one minor among them.

Local sources said that Israeli jeeps entered  Dura town ,southwest  of Hebron, Tuesday at dawn and arrested three Palestinians and took them to unknown destination. It  is also reported that IMF arrested two Palestinians, one of them is a minor fromAroubrefugees' camp in Hebron. They are Abdel Fattah Jawabreh, 16, and Ammar Khalid al- Jiniday, 20.

In Marah Rabah village southern Bethlehem, IMF arrested one Palestinian, no sources mentioned his name.

It is also reported that IMF tore down the gate of Mahmoud  Sheikh 's house in Bethlehem and destroyed  its contents  before arresting his son Ali ,29, and took  him to unknown destination.