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Handing out five administrative demolition orders in Silwan
Handing out five administrative demolition orders in Silwan
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Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) - The Jerusalem municipality crews along with the Israeli police raided the village of Silwan this morning, and handed out three administrative demolition orders for a residential room and commercial facilities.

WadiHilweh Information Center was informed that the municipality crews handed out an administrative demolition order to a commercial store that sells meat, which is leased to IsamDa’na in Al-ShaheedSamerSarhan Street in Silwan. The store is 25 square meters, built from wood and iron since six months and fifteen individuals live off this store.

They also hung an administrative demolition order on the door of a Hair Salon which is also 25 square meters leased out to Eyad Abu Sbeih and built from wood and iron, note that seven individuals live off this store.

The municipality crews also raided a house for the Abbasi family in Ein Al-Lozeh and handed MajdiAbbasi the administrative demolition order for a residential room he rehabilitated for living purposes recently. Abbasi explained that the room is only 9 square meters and he had cleaned it and renovated it from the inside.

Another administrative demolition order was handed out to Adel Siam, and to a car-wash in Bi’erAyoub.