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IMF arrests dozens of Jerusalemites
IMF arrests dozens of  Jerusalemites
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Gaza, Alray - "Israeli Military Forces(IMF) arrested dozens of  Jerusalemites in 24 hours claiming they built without permits and did not pay taxes,"  Wadi Hilwa Information Centre said on Tuesday.

"Large Israeli forces raided Al-Manara building in Tal Alfool near King Hussein's palace in Beit Hanina, arrested 25 and took them to Al-Maskobia Prison in Jerusalem for investigation," eyewitnesses said.

 IMF raided the Sho'fat refugee camp and arrested seven Palestinians at their shops, along with other eight who hold West Bank ID.

 It also detained 75 Jerusalemites from Al-Salam suburb after raiding their houses under the pretext of  building without permit, according to the centre.