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Two Jordanian detainees transferred to Israeli hospitals
Two Jordanian detainees transferred to Israeli hospitals
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Gaza, Alray - Two Jordanian hunger striker detainees were transferred to Israeli Soroka hospital  due to deterioration in their health.

“Hamza Derbas and Mohammed Rimawi  were transferred from the prison’s clinic to Soroka Hospital since they have been on a hunger strike for 47 days,” Abdullah Qandeel from Waed Prisoners Society said.

25 Jordanian detainees have started an open-ended hunger strike since May 2013 to demand transfer to a Jordanian prison to serve out their sentences. They are also demanding that Israel is to reveal the whereabouts of 20 Jordanian prisoners who have disappeared in the Israeli custody, and to return of the remains of who killed in fighting against Israel.

 Qandeel called on the Jordanian Government to intervene immediately to save the lives of the Jordanian detainees.