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Rizqa: Closing tunnels deprives Gaza of basic necessities
Rizqa: Closing tunnels deprives Gaza of basic necessities
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Dr Yousef Rizqa, the political adviser of Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, today said that closing the tunnels between Rafah and Egypt will prevent the basic necessities of life from entering Gaza.

The tunnels have been a lifeline since Israel tightened its blockade on Gaza in 2007.

At the conclusion of a case brought by a group of Egyptian lawyers, the judge of the Cairo court which handed down the decision said, "The court ruled to make it obligatory that the [Egyptian]government destroy the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip."

Rizqa said that the Palestinian Government will agree to close the tunnels, but only after alternatives are found.

"The Egyptian administrative court made the ruling without looking into the surrounding circumstances," he added. 

He said the government is going to watch carefully what happens as a result of this decision, noting that the tunnels result from an exceptional situation, and other solutions are possible.

30% of goods in Gaza enter via tunnels, and more than 10,000 Palestinians are involved in work associated with them.