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Palestinian child struggles with disease in light of shutting Rafah crossing
Palestinian child struggles with disease in light of shutting Rafah crossing
Abu Nasser Al-Sawyer appealed to the Egyptian authorities for opening the Rafah border crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - Harsh diseases stripped a child who is still under the age of 4 years of everything beauty and happiness can bring.

Diseases settled down in the child’s small and tiny body making her lose her childhood and putting her in a coma that makes her not aware of the surroundings even her parents.

Closing the Rafah border crossing aggravated pains of the child since she cannot receive her treatment in the Gaza Strip due to the imposed siege on the Strip for 11 years in a row.

The child Sherifah Nasser has been ill with convulsions, aphasia, perception disorders and others.

The unjust and inhumane siege imposed on people in the Gaza Strip prevented Sherifah from going abroad to have necessary medical treatment.

Sherifah has also been suffering from autism and cerebral Palsy. Her parents found out that these diseases are all in the body of their daughter three months ago.

They took her to a number of Gaza's hospitals; unfortunately, doctors assured that she cannot be treated in Gaza. Rather, she has to seek medical treatment abroad particularly in Egypt.

“My little child could not sleep, could not walk and she always seemed to be in a nervous mood. Doctors reported her medical condition to one of Egypt’s hospitals. In turn the hospital reported that it doesn’t mind receiving her,” father of Sherifah, Abu Nasser Al-Sawyer said.

He pointed out that keeping the Rafah border crossing with Egypt shut for long times prevented his little child from travelling abroad to have treatment, which aggravates her suffering.

The child Sherifah could be put at serious risk of life-threatening as thousands of patients in the blockaded enclave who are waiting for death to come at any moment due to keeping the Rafah border crossing shut for a long time.

Although Abu Nasser Al-Sawyer’s financial matters are quite affordable, yet he feels sadness and distress whenever he sees his little child’s pain and suffering.

The child is not aware of any action she does. Even she does not recognize the surroundings including her parents.

These malignant diseases deprived the little child from the freedom of movement, gladness, playing with kids at her age in addition to depriving her from adaptation to the atmosphere of her home that she knows nothing about.

All father’s attempts to treat her little kid in the blockaded Gaza Strip were of no avail. He headed for Palestine Future foundation and many others of those that give special care for children with autism.

the results were that none of the foundations accepted to take care of the child health because she has cerebral palsy and that care in those foundations is limited only to children with autism without poliomyelitis.

Abu Nasser Al-Sawyer is a Gaza police officer. All what he wishes is to open the Rafah crossing border with Egypt so that he can treat his little child in Egypt.

Abu Nasser Al-Sawyer appealed to the Egyptian authorities for opening the Rafah border crossing, noting that the suffering of his little kid and many other patients living in the blockaded enclave is worsening every day.

Along with Sherifah Nasser, there are more than 20,000 Palestinians of humanitarian cases living in the Gaza Strip who are in an urgent need to leave the strip.

It is worth mentioning that the Rafah border crossing is seen as the only lifeline for Gazans to the outside world.

Egypt decided to reopen the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip, in one direction, for three days starting on Saturday to allow hundreds of stranded Palestinians to return home