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Israeli businessmen: Stalled peace affects Israeli economy
Israeli businessmen: Stalled peace affects  Israeli economy
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Gaza, Alray - Some of Israel’s top businessmen warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month that a lack of progress with Palestinians on finding a two-state solution is endangering the Israeli economy, Barak Ravid reported  in Haaretz.

The businessmen told Netanyahu they are worried by the signals they are getting from the international business community.

“We come from the field, and we’re feeling the pressure,” one said. “If we don’t make progress toward a two-state solution, there will be negative developments for the Israeli economy. We’re already noticing initial signs of this. The future of the Israeli economy will be in danger.”

One businessman who attended the meeting said  that the lack of progress toward a two-state solution could send Israel down a slippery slope toward a binational state that would be either not (Jewish) or not democratic.

“The world will not accept this,” he said. “Foreign investments will not come to such a state. No one will buy goods from such a state.”

Netanyahu and  Israeli International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz, who attended as well, did not argue with them, and in fact agreed with most of what was said.

Haaretz contributed