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The Government: Israeli escalation has severed indications
The Government: Israeli escalation has severed indications
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14th November 2012

The Government Media Office warned of the continuous shed of Palestinian blood by the Israeli escalation against Gaza.
The chairman of the Government Media Office Eng. Ihab Ghussein stated Wednesday on his page on Face book that the leaders of Israeli occupation tries to win the elections at the expenses of Palestinian blood during the escalations in the last days.
The Israeli continues escalation since yesterday evening left three martyrs and 8 injured.
Mr. Ghussein stressed that this escalation which came after the occupation threatens by Military blow reflects the Israeli criminal mentality that push Gaza towards escalations that causes a lot of martyrs.
He Added" After hours of the Emir Qatar visit to Gaza the escalation and aggression start which means that their a state of rage among Israeli occupation as the Palestinian government could after years of blockade to left it"
Mr. Ghussein praised the Palestinian stead fastness in the face of this brute aggression as well the Palestinian resistance which defends our people.
He calls the Arab league to interfere immediately so as to put an end to the occupation crimes and stop this naked aggression. He also calls the international and human rights institutions to take the responsibility of protecting the civilizes who are exposed to this unjust aggression by the occupation forces and air raids.