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Sharp division in Israel disrupts Kerry's rounds
Sharp division in Israel disrupts Kerry's rounds
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 Jerusalem, Alray - US Secretary of State John Kerry, uncovered a deep split in Israel during his quest to revive  the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in the region.

It was planned that Kerry's fifth round would initiate negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, but in contrast  the two parties' attitude towards peace talks prevented it.

A number of ministers in the right wing Israeli government expressed their opposition to establishing a Palestinian state, vowing to prevent it, while Benjamin Netanyahu did not comment.

Mr. Gold, a former peace negotiator and Netanyahu adviser said, there is a consensus in Israel in favor of establishing the Palestinian state, but not on the 1967 borders or East Jerusalem as its capital.

 "There's an idea of ​​a two-state solution, but we have to put it on the map, Israelis want to negotiate, but there are  red lines," Gold added.

The journalist in "Haaretz" Ari Shavit said " Due to its powerful effectiveness on politics and  the relaxation of the majority, the military minority is working day and night to eliminate the two-state option to achieve its desires."