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Gaza conditions do not constitute a threat to Israel
Gaza conditions do not constitute a threat to Israel
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli prime minister Netanyahu described the situation in Gaza as explosive , however he noted that it does not constitute a threat to Israel.

Netanyahu said in a secret convene Monday, attended by the State Control Committee to discuss the performance of the Cabent during the recent war, that the work of the cabent has improved  since the war.

Regarding evacuating the kibbutzim and towns near the Gaza Strip during any next confrontation, Netanyahu confirmed that there is a plan to evacuate the kibbutzim, but  he said that  the problem lies in evacuating the city of Sderot, which homes more than 20,000 Israelis.

The settlements adjacent to the Strip, built on occupied Palestinian land, received intensive rocket fire from the resistance factions during the three wars launched by Israel on Gaza, forcing the Israeli government to move a number of them to "safer" areas, or to enter the shelters.