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Israeli demolishes Palestinian houses in Negev
Israeli demolishes Palestinian houses in Negev
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Occupied Negev, ALRAY - Israeli military bulldozers demolished Thursday noon three Palestinian houses in unrecognized villages in occupied Negev.

The activist Khaled Abu Khrma said that Israeli bulldozers accompanied by a big force of Israeli occupation police stormed al-Atrash village in Negev and demolished two houses. 

He confirmed that the Israeli bulldozers are still in the village and the demolishing process is continued. 
It also reported that the Israeli bulldozers demolished the house of Suliman Abu Sbealh for the second time in Tal Assabe’ village. 

The Israeli vehicles stationed at the entrances of several villages in occupied Negev. 

The activist reported that violent clashes erupted Thursday morning between the residents of Umm Hiran unrecognized village and the Israeli forces who stormed the village. 

The so-called Israeli Authority of Localization of Bedouins seeks to evacuate Umm Hiran village of its original residents in order to build settlement projects instead of them. Recently, the Israeli authority submitted a request to cancel the application for permits for the settlement projects that are to be built on the village's land, claiming that there is a high court decision to evict the village and build on it.