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Israeli channel: Abbas is not keen to run Gaza
Israeli channel: Abbas is not keen to run Gaza
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
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Pre-1948 occupied Palestine, ALRAY - Israeli channel 2 claimed that Hamas movement allowed in the past recent weeks Fatah members, including the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to access entry into the blockaded Gaza Strip, and that the movement is ready to give up running the Strip for the sake of strengthening its military power.

The channel alleged on Sunday that Abbas is not too keen on the idea of running the besieged Strip because he is fully aware that he will bear the burdens of Gaza, while Hamas will be the real ruler by its military power.

The channel said that Abbas does not want to get embarrassed by rejecting the reconciliation efforts because Hamas threw the ball into the court of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

It added that Hamas has no benefit in keeping responsible for providing services to the Gazans whose economic conditions are getting worse, and is not willing to keep running the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the sieged Strip.

The channel assumed that Hamas’s orientation helps the movement to reinforce its ties with Iran, and strengthens the dream of Yahya Sinwar to make Hamas as Hezbollah.

It is worth mentioning that Hamas announced at dawn Sunday to dismantle Gaza’s Administrative committee amid Egyptian efforts to promote the Palestinian reconciliation, and called on the Palestinian unity government in Ramallah to exercise its power in the Strip immediately.