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Steps to set up company to develop infrastructure projects in Gaza
Steps to set up company to develop infrastructure projects in Gaza
Palestinian businessman Munib al Masri,
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Gaza, ALRAY - Procedures for the foundation of Gaza Development and Investment Company, aiming at creating multiple infrastructure development projects in the Gaza Strip, have already been set in train.

The company came up through an initiative launched by Palestinian businessman Munib al Masri, which talks about what is known as the "Silk Road” to achieve global economic development and inject a market economic among all countries joining the “Chinese initiative”.

The company would conduct several production projects including a desalination plant, sewage treatment plant, power plant, set of road networks, airport, seaport, and others.

Steps to begin the company have shown during a meeting convened by the head of the Palestinian Business People Association in the Gaza Strip Ali al Hayek, and which brought together more than 100 businessmen.

Al-Masri stressed, during the meeting, the duties and responsibilities of the private sector towards the success of the Palestinian national reconciliation as a partner in the environment that so long businessmen have been working to achieve and build the national company.

He called to reconstruct what the Israeli occupation devastated during its successive wars and unjust siege on Gaza and to manage the consequences of the division.