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Israel reveals a "catastrophe" could have be in Israeli army near Gaza
Israel reveals a "catastrophe" could have be in Israeli army near Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY- Israeli occupation army is to bring one of its leaders in the Gaza Strip to trial, who was to cause a disaster for the Israeli army recently, Israeli media reported.

sraeli media indicated that the military commander failed to maintain a large potential military operation in Gaza Strip in secret, that may lead soldiers in a similar operation to "Ansari" carried out by fighters in the Lebanese Hezbollah in 1997 against unit 13 in the Israeli navy commando.

The commando known as "Shayett "Near the village of Ansariya on the Lebanese coast which led to death of 12 officers and soldiers.

The Israeli website "Wala" reported that the commander of the occupation army, which served in one of the camps of the occupation army on the border of the Gaza Strip neglected to maintain the order of carrying out military operation in the Gaza Strip in secret.

This could have led the Israeli soldiers to be caught in an ambush by an armed Palestinian factions; it is possible that the military order will fall into the hands of its members.

the site explained that a number of Israeli officers, was paying a visit to the commander office,  found the plan of the operation on his desk instead of being hidden in a secret place.

He pointed out that the military control refused to reveal more details about the operation, stressing that this issue was connected with possible military operation on the Gaza Strip.

The site quoted the Israeli commander Eyal Zamir sa saying that This incident is one of the most serious issues that occurred in the southern command of the army, and reflect the negligence of  the officers there.