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ALRAY IN A WEEK from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (22nd - 26th October. 2017)
ALRAY IN A WEEK   from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (22nd - 26th October. 2017)
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ALRAY IN A WEEK is a weekly bulletin e-newsletter comes out every Sunday to keep ALRAY’s readers flashed with a diverse range of possible issues that are important to the Palestinian Cause.

In ALRAY IN A WEEK you can read about the most Palestinian top news headlines of the previous week, each according to its subject:


Israel’s violations in Palestine:

Inside this issue:


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out at dawn Monday a large-scale campaign of arrests across different districts of the occupied West Bank towns and cities. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the neighborhood of al-Issawiya overnight and detained 51 Palestinians after searching dozens of homes in the area. Further details


The Israeli occupation polices detained 67 Palestinian workers, including 40 minors in the Palestinian Negev, under the pretext of their work inside “Israel” without permits. All the detainees are from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) waged on Tuesday morning an arrest campaign to a number of West Bank cities and arrested 19 Palestinians. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested at dawn Wednesday 14 Palestinians during multiple raids to different districts of the occupied West Bank cities and towns. Further details


Home demolition and Land grab:

For the 120 consecutive times, the Israeli military vehicles demolished Wednesday the houses of the residences of Al-Araqib village. Further details


Other violations:

Israeli occupation authorities erected Monday iron beam at the Israeli bus stations in the West Bank. Further details


Dozens of Palestinians were sufficed with by tear gas during clashes with Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in the southern part of Hebron in the southern West Bank. Further details


Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa:

Inside this issue:

Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers stormed into Al-Aqsa compound early on Tuesday, from Al-Magriba gate heavily guarded by Israeli Special Forces. Further details


Amid a climate of palpable tension, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF), accompanied by municipality construction workers, broke on Tuesday into Aqabat al-Saraya area in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem. Further details


Scores of Israeli extremist settlers, backed by Israeli special forces and rapid intervention troops, broke on Wednesday morning into courtyards of al-Aqsa Mosque Compound. Further details


Unlawful settlement:

Inside this issue:

The Knesset's Ministerial Committee for Legislation is expected Sunday to approve a proposed bill to rebuild four evacuated settlements in the northern West Bank in 2005 under the disengagement plan that included the Gaza Strip. Further details


The so-called “Planning and Building Committee” of the Israeli occupation municipality intends to approve next Wednesday a plan to build 176 housing units for Jewish settlers in the heart of Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. Further details


The Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee warned of an Israeli scheme to divert the Jewish settlement of Halamish, west of the northern West Bank city of Ramallah, into a large settlement block. Further details


Palestinian prisoners of Israel:

Inside this issue:

A new patch of Gaza Strip prisoners’ families headed at dawn Monday to visit their sons in Israeli jails through the Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing, north of the beleaguered Gaza Strip. Further details


Prisoners media office said that the Israeli prison service (IPS) of the Negev desert prison stormed at dawn on Monday section 14 and conducted a wide inspection among prisoners. Further details


Haifa District Court dismissed on Monday morning an appeal submitted by defense lawyers of Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Northern Islamic movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, against his detention. Further details


Israeli occupation authorities keep the policy of deliberate medical negligence against Palestinian detainees in prisons, the commission of Palestinian detainees’ affairs reported. Further details


Two Israeli human rights organizations documented the wide-scale violations that committed against Palestinian minors in east Jerusalem by Israeli occupation authorities. Further details


France expressed concern over the fate of the French lawyer Salah al-Hamouri, who has been administratively detained in Israeli jails since August 23. Further details


Gaza under siege:

Inside this issue:

Israeli occupation navy opened Monday its fire towards Palestinian boats off Gaza coast. Further details


Israeli military vehicles penetrated Tuesday morning into the Palestinian lands east of Juhr al-Dik south of Gaza City. Further details


The spokesman of Movement Hamas Abdel Latif al-Qanoua said that a number of ministers and their assistants are at head of their work in Gaza, after taking over their duties easily and without obstacles. Further details


An European delegation arrived on Wednesday morning to the Gaza Strip through Beit Hanoun crossing to check Rafah crossing with Egypt. Further details


Alray international media watch:

Inside this issue:

Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 22, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 24, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 26, 2017). Further details


Other news:

Inside this issue:

Senior official at the White house said that the Egyptian mediation between Fatah and Hamas create a positive opportunity for Palestinian Authority (PA) to get back to the Gaza Strip. Further details


British Prime Minister Teresa Mae again emphatically refused the Palestinian campaign's demand for an apology from the United Kingdom for the fateful Balfour Declaration. Further details


Egyptian president Abed Al-Fatah Sisi said that Palestinian reconciliation will prevent turning Gaza Strip to a” friable situation”. Further details


"We are proud of our role in establishing the State of Israel, and therefore we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration," British Prime Minister Theresa May said. Further details


United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights sent boycott notices to 130 Israeli companies that work inside the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Hebrew newspaper reported Thursday. Further details


We hope ALRAY IN A WEEK will be important for all those interested in issues of the Palestinians and will reach wide readers around the world.