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ALRAY IN A WEEK from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (29th Oct-2nd Nov. 2017)
ALRAY IN A WEEK   from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (29th Oct-2nd Nov. 2017)
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ALRAY IN A WEEK is a weekly bulletin e-newsletter comes out every Sunday to keep ALRAY’s readers flashed with a diverse range of possible issues that are important to the Palestinian Cause.

In ALRAY IN A WEEK you can read about the most Palestinian top news headlines of the previous week, each according to its subject:


Israel’s violations in Palestine:

Inside this issue:


Israeli occupation forces arrested Sunday morning nine Palestinians in raids to different cities of occupied West Bank. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday at dawn waged a large-scale campaign of arrests among Palestinians across the occupied West Bank towns and cities. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Wednesday at dawn 17 Palestinians in multiple raids to different districts of the occupied West Bank towns and cities. Further details


An Israeli special occupation force stormed on Saturday night Qalandia refugee camp north of the occupied Jerusalem and kidnapped two youth men after injuring one of them. Further details


Home demolition and Land grab:

Israeli military forces demolished Tuesday four Palestinian facilities in eastern Barta’ town that located behind the Israeli isolation wall. Further details


Israeli occupation bulldozers stormed Wednesday morning a number of Palestinian villages in occupied Negev, demolished and razed Palestinian homes and fields. Further details


Other violations:

Israeli extremist settlers opened, on Monday morning, fires on Palestinian farmers in Masafer Yatta, south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Further details


Palestinian citizens from the city of Taybeh, in 48 Palestinian lands, were surprised by the Israeli army who were carrying weapons, roaming the streets of the city, especially the area of the stadium and the Islamic compound. Further details


One Palestinian was injured as Israeli occupation forces opened fire against him while he was near Hlamish settlement North West of Ramallah. Further details


Israeli occupation authorities banned Tuesday the Arab American activist Raed Jarrar from entering Israel for his support to the boycott of Israel settlement policy. Further details


Israeli settlers robbed at dawn Wednesday olive pickings of some 218 trees from Palestinian lands of Deir Sharaf village, west of the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus. Further details


Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa:

Inside this issue:

Dozens of extremist settlers stormed on Sunday morning, Al-Aqsa Mosque from Maghariba Gate guarded by Israeli Special Police. Further details


Israeli settlers stormed on Monday morning at courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque from Maghariba gate under tight protection from Israeli occupation police. Further details


Israeli occupation authorities planned to create new police unit dedicated to Al-Aqsa Mosque, under the recommendation of the Minister of Israeli Internal Security, Gilad Erdan. Further details


Unlawful settlement:

Inside this issue:

Israel puts a plan aims to isolate the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem that are out of the Isolation wall and annexing it to separate local council in order to overcome the demographic factor, Haaretz paper. Further details


Palestinian prisoners of Israel:

Inside this issue:

A group of Jerusalemite prisoners’ families headed early on Sunday to visit their sons jailed in Nafha and Jalboh Israeli prisons. Further details


The prisoner Bilal Diab continued his hunger strike for the twelfth day in a row, in protest to his administrative detention as he remained in solitary confinement of Ashkelon prison. Further details


The Palestinian Prisoners' Club said that the prisoner Juma Adam, 48, from Jericho, entered Tuesday, his 30th year in Israeli jail. Further details


 The Israeli prison services of Ashkelon prison moved Wednesday morning the hunger striker detainee Belal Theyab to solitary confinement in Ohly Kidar detainee center, the lawyer of Prisoner club Khaled Mhajnah said. Further details


The lawyer of Prisoners and Ex-prisoners Association, Hanan al-Khatib, reported that prisoners of Damoon prison suffer from difficult and disturbing health, psychological conditions in light of the continued provocative measures and arbitrary practices taken by the prison service against them. Further details


Israeli occupation courts renewed on Monday administrative detention of Hamas MP Ibrahim Mohammed Dahbour, 52, from the town of Arrabeh, south of Jenin, for the third time in a row for four months. Further details


Gaza under siege:

Inside this issue:

A spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ashraf Al-Qudra, refuted the Israeli narrative of not using internationally banned poison gas during the bombing of a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip. Further details


The Palestinian reconciliation government, officially, took over crossings on the Gaza Strip starting from Rafah crossing. Further details


As a step towards implementing the latest reconciliation agreement made in Cairo between Hamas and Fatah, the Palestinian Government of National Consensus, on early Wednesday, took control over crossings of the Gaza Strip, under the supervision of the Egyptian Government. Further details


Alray international media watch:

Inside this issue:

Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 29, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 31, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (November 2, 2017). Further details


Other news:

Inside this issue:

Dozens of people participated in a protest before the headquarters of the European Commission in the center of the German capital, Berlin, by the invitation of Palestinian and Arab institutions, as part of the "Balfour, Centenary of colonial project", a campaign announced by the Palestinian Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad. Further details


On 29 October 1956, Israeli border police carried out a massacre in the Palestinian village of Kafr Qassem, situated on the Palestinian occupied territories at that time of the de facto border between Israeli occupation and the Jordanian West Bank. Further details


In a meeting with former Israeli lawmaker, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas vowed not to appoint any of Hamas members as a minister unless they announced publicly that they recognized Israel, Haaretz reported. Further details


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson stated that Britain see the two state is the best solution for the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Further details


The Palestinian Return Center in London launched a web campaign to pressure Royal Albert Hall, hosting a festival to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration, to abolish the festival. Further details


The European Union made a new contribution to the Palestinian Authority's (PA) payment of social allowances to Palestinian families living in poverty in the West Bank and Gaza. This is the quarterly contribution of EU in support to Palestinian families in needs. Further details


Dozens of people demonstrated in German, capital of Berlin condemning the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which led to the death of seven Palestinians and the injury of 12 others. Further details


Israeli occupation accused Hamas movement of being behind organizing a demonstration in London denouncing the Belfour Declaration on its 100th anniversary. Further details


Palestinians around the world are marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917. Further details


The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul-Gheit, affirmed that the Balfour Declaration and its undertakings represent the international bias against the Palestinian people and constitute a disregard for their historical rights in the land of Palestine. Further details


Jordan informed Israeli foreign minister of their refusal of the return of the Israeli ambassador “Einat Shlain” to the Israeli embassy in Jordan. Further details


We hope ALRAY IN A WEEK will be important for all those interested in issues of the Palestinians and will reach wide readers around the world.