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IOF moves checkpoint to expropriate Palestinian lands
IOF moves checkpoint to expropriate Palestinian lands
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities announced Wednesday moving the military checkpoint of Ain Ya’al that located on the road that connected the occupied Jerusalem and Jelo settlement, enabling Israeli authorities to expropriate Palestinian lands.

According to Haaretz paper, the Israeli District Planning and Building Committee informed the Palestinian residence of Wallageh village that they will move the checkpoint, noting that the area of Ain al-Hennyah will move to Israeli administration.

Wallageh village is located under the Israeli administration but it is totally isolated by the Israeli separation wall, which also separate the village from the its farms.

The paper explained that the Israeli occupation authorities will built a wall around Ain al-Hennyah area and will construct a visitors' center and a restaurant, turning it into a park of the municipality of the occupation in Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation authorities announced the residence of Wallageh village that the checkpoint will be moved 2.5 kilometers into the Palestinian lands, which means that Palestinian who do not hold the blue ID will not be able to reach their farms in Ain al-Hennyah.

Moving the checkpoint is a practical implementation of Minister Elkin's plan to take out the Wallajeh and the rest of the neighborhoods outside the wall of the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. As a result, the Israelis will walk along the winding slopes built by the Wallajech residences, said Aviv Tarski, a researcher at the Ir Amim Association. The owners of the lands will be banned from reaching their lands.