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ALRAY IN A WEEK from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (3th - 7th Dec. 2017)
ALRAY IN A WEEK   from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (3th - 7th Dec. 2017)
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ALRAY IN A WEEK is a weekly bulletin e-newsletter comes out every Sunday to keep ALRAY’s readers flashed with a diverse range of possible issues that are important to the Palestinian Cause.

In ALRAY IN A WEEK you can read about the most Palestinian top news headlines of the previous week, each according to its subject:


Israel’s violations in Palestine:

Inside this issue:


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Sunday morning five Palestinians in raids to different cities of WB. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) waged at dawn Monday a large-scale campaign of arrests across different districts of the occupied West Bank towns and cities. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested four young men from occupied Jerusalem at dawn on Wednesday, including the secretary of the Fatah movement - Jerusalem district Shadi Mtour after breaking into his house in Beit Hanina. Further details


Other violations:

Shomron regional council head Yossi Dagan in the north of the West Bank decided to honor the murderer of Mahmoud Owda in Qasra village south of Nablus last Thursday. Further details


The Israeli occupation authorities prevented 83 Palestinians from traveling via Al-Karama crossing last November, while more than 152 thousand citizens passed. The crossing police arrested 156 criminal suspects. Further details


11 Palestinians were injured Monday evening in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in the village of Qusra, south of Nablus in the northern West Bank. Further details


Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa:

Inside this issue:

Diplomatic adviser to the President of Palestinian Authority Majdi Khalidi said Sunday that there are pressure practiced on the US President Donald Trump to issue a decision to move the Embassy of Washington to occupied Jerusalem. Further details


The Jordanian Government on Sunday condemned the ongoing Israeli violations against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and allowing Israeli extremists into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on a daily basis under the protection of Israeli occupation police. Further details


Global Coalition in Support of Al-Quds and Palestine said Sunday that any measures that would relocate the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem or recognize the legitimacy of the occupation over the Palestinian city of Jerusalem are dull and will be rejected. Further details


US President Donald Trump announced to delay moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem pass without signing a new one, where the decision will be taken in the next few days. Further details


United States officials stated that US president Donald Trump is to formally declare, in a speech to be held on Wednesday evening, the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital”, with relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during the coming years without specifying a timeline for relocation. Further details


All Palestinian national and Islamic forces and factions declared Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to be days of total popular rage throughout Palestine and outside, calling on the masses of the Palestinian people to gather and sit-in in front of the Israeli embassies and consulates around the world. Further details

Unlawful settlement:

Inside this issue:

Israeli settlers set up a caravan in Salem village at the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, amid concerns and fears among residents to be an initial step to build new settlement in the area. Further details


Palestinian prisoners of Israel:

Inside this issue:

The International Committee of Red Cross announced the cancellation of prisoners’ family visits in the West Bank scheduled on Sunday, due to the closure of checkpoints by Israeli occupation forces. Further details


A new batch of Gaza Strip Prisoners’ families headed at dawn Monday to visit their sons in Israeli jails through Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing, north of the beleaguered Gaza Strip. Further details


Alray international media watch:

Inside this issue:

Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (December 3, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (December 5, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (December 7, 2017). Further details


Other news:

Inside this issue:

The French government has expressed desire to recognize Palestine, but as part of the European Union, Ambassador of Palestine to France Salman Al-Harfi Sunday said. Further details


Official statics of Israeli army revealed that the recruitment rates of military combat units for this year is the lowest since 10 years, Israel Hayom paper revealed. Further details


The head of Germany's representative office to the Palestinian Authority, Peter Berferth, announced on Monday that his government would provide 53 million euros in financial aid to the Palestinian government. Further details


The US House of Representatives passed a bill that reduces $ 300 million of the annual aid to the Palestinian Authority in a try to prevent it from paying the financial allocations to Palestinian families of martyrs and prisoners. Further details


We hope ALRAY IN A WEEK will be important for all those interested in issues of the Palestinians and will reach wide readers around the world.