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Haniyeh: Prisoners tops Palestinian resistance’s agenda (photo)
Haniyeh: Prisoners tops Palestinian resistance’s agenda (photo)
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian premier Deputy Head of the Political Bureau Hamas ‎Movement Ismail Haniyeh said the brave resistance which freed the prisoners under Shalit ‎swap deal would not let them down.‎

Haniyeh addressing the Palestinians behind Israeli jails from before the main office of High ‎Representative for the United Nations after Taraweeh prayer - extra prayers performed by ‎Muslims at night in the holy month of Ramadan- said Monday "it’s our commitment to free ‎you, our heroes, you are at the top of the priorities of the Palestinian resistance. "‎

He called on Kingdom of Jordan to “shoulder responsibility for Jordanian prisoners battling ‎Empty Stomachs to harness its international relations free the prisoners held in prisons for the ‎sake of Palestine”.‎

‎"Abdullah Barghouti is going on hunger strike in defiance of the Israeli jailers and in an ‎emphasis on the path of resistance to free land and Man," he said, pointing out ‎that “our prisoners in Israeli jails are prisoners,”‎

Haniyeh questioned the position of the UN High Representative and the Secretary-General ‎and Security Council on the UN resolutions on the status of prisoners, and on Israel’s ‎oppression and terror towards them. ‎

The Palestinian minister addressed them as saying “you should bear the responsibility towards ‎the thousands of prisoners; this silence on the Israeli, torture and isolation of men, and ‎women and on Israeli occupation’s sadism cannot be interpreted but in the context of the ‎conspiracy against our people and our prisoners and resistance movements."‎