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Ten Palestinians killed in Syria
Ten Palestinians killed in Syria
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Gaza, Alray - Ten Palestinians killed and several wounded in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria after a night of continuous shelling on Wednesday evening.

Child Rasha, Anwar, Wasel and Amer Fadlon were killed in the bombardment , the Association for the Sake of Palestinians in Syria said.

Adel Fadlon, Marah and Raghad Hamad and their mother, Hanan Shaker an Ahmed Abdullah were also killed by a Grad rocket.  

The regime army closed the entrances and exits of the camp since last Thursday leading to a harsh disaster, the group reported.

It added that residents of Al-Raml  camp in Al-Latheqia is suffering power outage for more than 15 hours a day.

According to the group, the Palestinian youth Yahia Gharib from Ayn Al-Zaiton village was lost  last Monday and no  news reported about him till now.