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Jerusalem-based bodies: Jerusalemites are citizens, not residents
Jerusalem-based bodies: Jerusalemites are citizens, not residents
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Gaza, Alray - Two Jerusalem-based bodies refused new Israeli government measures against Palestinians in Jerusalem, where its ministry of interior began to issue new identity cards to them.

"Supreme Islamic Association" and "Council of Endowments and Islamic Affairs" in occupied Jerusalem said in a statement that "The people of Jerusalem are citizens, not residents."

The Israeli ministry had issued new identity cards for Palestinians and Arabs in Jerusalem with the status of "resident" and with an expiry date. 

"Having this measure in force, the Arab citizens in Jerusalem have just become visitors to the city to for a specific time and their property, homes and lands are pending being declared absentee property," the statement said.

"This means that the mosques and holy places will be in the wind, while identity cards of thousands of Jerusalemites living behind the separation wall shall be revoked." it clarified.

The bodies stressed that "Jerusalemites are rooted citizens, not by virtue of a decision made by Israeli authorities."

The statement renewed total rejection of the arbitrary, racist measures of the Israeli, urging Palestinians in Jerusalem to hold on their legitimate rights.