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Israeli occupation releases Palestinian after 35 years of detainment
Israeli occupation releases Palestinian after 35 years of detainment
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities released fifty-eight -year-old Roshdi Abu Mokh from Baqa Al-Gharbiyye on Monday after serving 35 years in Israeli jail.


In a statement to media, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said that Abu Mokh was detained back in 1986 along with three other Palestinians, and was sentenced to life sentence in prison.  The decision then was changed to 35 years.


Abu Mokh was supposed to be released last month; however, the occupation authorities claimed that he had a traffic/parking violation before his detntion and thus his release was extended for additional 12 days.


PPS added that, for decades, the occupation authorities had refused to release Abu Mokh and his fellow detainees despite many prisoner-exchange deals over the years; the last of which was in 2014.


Throughout his years of detention, Roshdi had lost his mother who kept waiting for him for 33 years. The story of Roshdi and his mother is not the only one among Palestinian detainees and their families who have been suffering all kinds of injustice by the occupation authorities.


Aside from Abu Mokh, 25 other Palestinians have been detained since Oslo Accords in 1993, and they have yet to be released.