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Pro-Palestine Group organizes youth summer camps in US
Pro-Palestine Group organizes youth summer camps in US
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New York, Alray - Jewish Voice for Peace , a California-based organization,  opened several summer camps at US universities in an attempt to promote the idea of boycotting Israel.

The group ,which the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and peace ,  called on the BDS activists to participate in the camps.

The five-day summer camp,  which began last Sunday in New York State, provide a comprehensive program aims to develop a campaign to boycott "Israel" internationally.

The pro­gram will train stu­dents about orga­niz­ing and imple­ment­ing a cam­paign, deal­ing with media requests, “direct action” plan­ning and more.

Ynet site accused  the "Jewish Voice for Peace"  which is active in universities in the United States, of encouraging campaign to cut ties with Israel and  spreading propaganda to assault , what they call,  Israel legitimacy  ,  causing  rift in the relationship between "Israel" and American Jews.

Rebecca Vilkomerson, the executive director, said  that the group and Durban strategies are consistent in their battle against  Israel.

The organization activists participated previously in Freedom flotilla to break Gaza blockade on 2010.