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3Palestinians killed in Syria
3Palestinians killed in Syria
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Yarmouk, Alray - Three Palestinians were killed in different places in Syria on Wednesday due to ongoing conflict, a Palestinian group said.

“Alma Dosoki, a Palestinian child, killed in Qadesia area, Ayman Khartabi killed on shelling in Jamraiyah and Jasser Mosaa killed due to bombing in Maliha area near Damascus,” said  the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria(AGPS).

According to the group, Yarmouk refugee camp is still targeted by night shelling leading to electricity black out.

The Syrian regime army is still closing Al-Hosayniyah camp for the second day.

Palestinians living in the camp suffered from severe living conditions due to the shortage in food , fuel and flour which might lead to humanitarian disaster, said the group.

In March, the AGPS said that over 1,377 Palestinians had been killed in the ongoing conflict in Syria, with that number thought to have increased significantly since then.