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Three Palestinian killed and others arrested in Syria
Three Palestinian killed and others arrested in Syria
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Gaza, Alray - Three Palestinians were killed in different places in Syria on Tuesday evening due to ongoing conflict and  four others were arrested,  a Palestinian group said.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria announced the death of Ahmed Qadourah in shelling  against Yarmouk camp ,  Abdel Rahim Mohamed as a result of torture in one of the Syrian security  branches , and Hisham Kablawi an official in Fatah movement who died  in Damascus countryside.

It is also reported that the Syrian regime forces arrested Mohammad Karout on 3/8/2013 at a checkpoint in al-A'ediaen camp in Homs , Diyala Aissat and Spria Aissat at  workers yard checkpoint and took them to a disclosed location.

It also reported the loss of Hamza Moued a few days ago and no information reported on him.

According to the group, Yarmouk refugee camp is still targeted by night shelling leading to electricity black out.

Palestinians living in the camp suffered from severe living conditions due to the shortage in food , fuel and flour which might lead to humanitarian disaster, said the group.