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2 Palestinian refugees killed in Homs and Damascus
2 Palestinian refugees killed in Homs and Damascus
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Gaza, Alray - Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said two Palestinian refugees ‎have been killed Friday in Syria.  

‎ The group said on Saturday in a statement that “Mahmoud al-Khatib died during the ‎clashes that took place between the army free groups on one side and the Syrian regime ‎army and security committees of the PFLP General Command on the other in al-Ghurba ‎neighborhood in Sayeda Zeinab-Damascus.

Refugee Amjad Khalil, who is in his 30s, from Al A'edeen camp in Homs was tortured to death in ‎a Syrian regime prison, the statement added.

‎Husseiniyeh refugee camp saw Friday several shelling that targeted different parts of it ‎without injuries reported. The residents of the camp have been besieged by the regular ‎army for the third consecutive day, which led to the scarcity of food provisions and ‎bread.

‎The group indicated that the regime forces bombarded also Al-Yarmouk, ‎where clashes erupted, Al- and Deraa Palestinian refugee camps.‎

According to a March report issued by the Action Group, over 1,377 ‎Palestinians had been killed in the ongoing Syria conflict, with that number ‎thought to have increased significantly since then.‎

While more than half of the 530,000 Palestinian refugees registered in Syria ‎have been displaced and 15 percent have fled abroad, including 60,000 to ‎neighboring Lebanon and over 7,000 to Jordan.‎