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Haaretz: "Absentee Property Law" to Judaize Jerusalem neighborhoods
Haaretz: "Absentee Property Law" to Judaize Jerusalem neighborhoods
Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem
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Gaza, Alray - The "Haaretz" newspaper reported Sunday that "the activation of the Absentee Property Law in East Jerusalem is part of the attempts to Judaize Palestinian neighborhoods, through confiscating Palestinian property rights in the city, and creating an artificial separation between the West Bank and Jerusalem."

The newspaper pointed out that the law had been previously endorsed after so-called "War of Independence" (1948 Nakba) , where it aimed at allowing (Israel) to seize the property of Palestinians who were living outside the state, mostly in refugee camps.

It explained that "the law had been deactivated for a period and then was put into force again after the Six-Day War, following the occupation of the city of Jerusalem- with core changes: the real owners were deemed absent, even though they had not left their place of residence. The Attorney at the time "Meir Shamgar" ordered the law not to be exercised considering it exploitative and violating property rights.

The newspaper pointed to the hype that took place in Jerusalem in 2006 due to attempts to activate the law. Many bodies questioned about the "any property of the settlers who live abroad in the area of Israel," so the Attorney at the time "Menachem Mazuz" refused to activate the law.

It added that "activating the law in the areas unilaterally annexed by Israel following the the expropriation of them during the 1967 war is a violation of the international law; it has been applied to the east of Jerusalem notwithstanding,"

"Unlike his predecessors who were keen on the rule of law, human rights and the public interest, today's Attorney adviser Yehuda Weinstein is pushing forward a legal image without being lawful, violates the rights of the Palestinians, in service to Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem, which take over the property of these present 'absentees, '"

The newspaper "Haaretz" said Wednesday that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein approved using the Absentee Law in East Jerusalem, allegedly to maintain "fabric of the Jewish nationhood" and to fend off Palestinians with security records,"

Weinstein authorized the Israeli authorities to exercise the law in East Jerusalem as a tool to punish those Palestinians, according to the newspaper.