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Palestinians mark Al Aqsa mosque burning anniversary
Palestinians mark Al Aqsa mosque burning anniversary
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Jerusalem, Alray - Muslims around the world are marking the 44th anniversary of the fire in Al Aqsa mosque on August 21st 1969 which gutted the southeastern wing of al Aqsa and destroyed Saladin’s minbar.

The fire was started by an Australian evangelical Christian named Denis Michael Rohan, who hoped that burning al Aqsa would hasten the Second Coming of Jesus, making way for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount.

However the security of the mosque remained fragile as there were many plots and attempts to blow the mosque up including by members of the Zionist movement Gush Emunim Underground in the 1980’s.

Palestinians and Muslims are now calling to the security council and human rights groups to protect al Aqsa against future attacks and believe that remembering the burning of al Aqsa will ensure that neither the burning or provocative attacks will happen in the future.

To mark the anniversary of the burning of al Aqsa mosque is of upmost significance. Although this was an isolated incident, creating international awareness will help to ensure the protection of this sacred mosque.



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