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Hebrew Radio: Israeli-PA agreement to open Erez crossing temporarily to Gazans
Hebrew Radio: Israeli-PA agreement to open Erez crossing temporarily to Gazans
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Gaza, Alray - Hebrew radio said Wednesday a Palestinian-Israeli agreement has been reached to open the Israel-run Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing in northern the Gaza Strip to Palestinians on a temporary basis.

A Palestinian source told the radio that "(Israel) would allow Palestinians to travel through the Beit Hanoun crossing using their identity cards and passports," and that "the Palestinians will then be boarded to Jordan through Jericho,"

The Palestinian source declined to disclose when the agreement has been concluded.

The radio said that the agreement comes as a make-shift alternative to the Rafah border crossing, which the Egyptian authorities continue to close in the wake of the deadly attack of 25 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on Monday.

Israeli occupation used to blackmail the Gaza citizens, particularly patients with permits to receive treatment in (Israel), wanting to go through Beit Hanoun, as many detentions and attempts to recruit collaborators with Israel had been recorded.

One of the most notable is the case of the Gaza-based footballer Mohamed Al Sarsak who was arrested on 22 July 2009 at the Erez Crossing, while travelling between his home in Gaza and the West Bank to link up with his new club Balata Youth in Balata. He was detained for allegedly being an active in the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, an accusation which he denied.

Sarsak went through a 3-month-long hunger strike while jailed withhout trial or charges. He had got a worldwide attention for being unfairly detained.