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Document proves Amona outpost is Palestinian property
Document proves Amona outpost is Palestinian property
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Gaza, Alray - A document released by Israeli civil administration exhibited that Palestinians continued to cultivate the land where Amona outpost had been installed until 1996, according to Haaretz newspaper's Wednesday's edition.

This document refutes settlers' claim that the land where the outpost is located was an uninhabited territory.

The newspaper said that Amona, one of the first outposts built on Palestinian land in the West Bank, was set up on private Palestinian land registered in Department of Land Registry in the name of its respective Palestinian owners who are residents of Silwad town northeast of Ramallah.

The Israeli authorities demolished 8 buildings after a petition to demolish the outpost was filed in 2008 by Yesh Din on behalf of the Palestinian landowners.

It added that the settlers continued to claim for many years that the place was desolated, but the facts proved that the land not only does belong to Palestinians, but they were cultivating it until 1996.

On behalf of the nongovernmental organization Yesh Din, attorney Michael Sfard argued before the court on Tuesday that the state had flip-flopped on its stance to demolish Amona outpost , which is home to 30 housing units.