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Senior army officer justifies Qalandiya deadly incident
Senior army officer justifies Qalandiya deadly incident
Funerals of 3 Palestinians shot on Monday by Israeli army-Getty Images
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Gaza, Alray - A senior Israeli army officer said the Israeli troops acted in an appropriate manner during the raiding of the Qalandiya refugee camp Monday at dawn, which led to three deaths among civilians and many injuries.

The website of (Israel Defense Forces) quoted the officer as saying "during the past three months, our activities have been centered in the Qalandiya refugee camp. Although it's a camp with a past of violence, the violence exercised during the incident was exceptional and different from the past few months,"

"We planned for the minute detail of the operation; we have worked according to our plan; overlooking the consequences, and depending on the initial investigation findings, the force turned to have acted with restraint, and appropriately," he added. 

He said that "it could have been possible that we come up with a larger number of injuries, but endurance shown by our forces led to these reasonable consequences,"

The AP reported Monday that Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinians in clashes during an arrest raid in the West Bank in the deadliest incident in the area in years.