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Israel destroys Bedouin village for the 56 times
Israel destroys Bedouin village  for the 56 times
Al-Araqeeb village
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Military Forces ( IMF)  demolished on Wednesday Al-Araqeeb village  north of Beersheba for   the 56 times in less than four years.

Israeli occupation Authorities (IOA)  claimed that the village is unrecognized and lacks permits for building.

Media sources reported that the Al – Araqeep villagers could not rebuild the village as they do not have necessary  financial support. Despite the IOA  acts the villagers stressed that they will not leave  the place and insisted  on erecting  their tenets confronting the Israeli threatens.

The IOA arrested the head of Al-Araqeep Committee Sayah Abu Medgheim ,61, and his two sons after a complaint  submitted to IOA  by Israel Land Administration accusing them of re-building their homes, IMF took them to disclosed location.