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Government: Buffer Zone not between neighboring countries
Government: Buffer Zone not between neighboring countries
A smuggling tunnel area (AP)
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian Government denounced the Egyptian step to create a buffer zone at  the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Egypt's military has bulldozed 13 homes along the Gaza Strip border and caved in tunnels beneath them as a prelude to the possible creation of a buffer zone, AP reported noting that Northern Sinai government officials explained that the military aimed to create  a building-free zone with no trees 500 meters (1,640 feet) wide and 10 kilometers (6 miles) long starting at the Rafah border crossing and ending at the Mediterranean Sea.

Ehab Ghussein, a spokesman for the Palestinian  government, said he feared the creation of the buffer zone would be a step toward imposing "a new blockade on Gaza and increase the suffering of its people."

"Buffer zones are not needed between neighboring countries that have historical and social relations," Ghussein said, calling for establishing a free trade zone at the Egypt-Gaza border.