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AOHR sends letter EU bodies over Palestinians in PA prisons
AOHR sends letter  EU bodies over Palestinians in PA prisons
A picture for the leg of Majd al-Barghouthi who died under torture in PA prisons
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 Gaza,  Alray - Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK (AOHR) sent a letter to senior EU bodies asking them to take urgent action to stop severe torture against Palestinians in Palestinian Authority (PA) prisons in the West Bank, AOHR reported.

It noted that copies of the letter sent to President of European Parliament, EU foreign policy chief, EU foreign ministers and members of European Parliament.

AOHR UK explained how savage the torture the Palestinian security services put against the Palestinian prisoners in the Jericho Prison. It described prisoners being tied for several hours a day like carcasses.

As an urgent call for action, AOHR called for the EU officials to use the financial aid they offer to the PA. It asked them to put pressure on the PA to stop arbitrary arrests and torture and to respect human rights.

In the letter to the EU officials, AOHR reported accounts of families of prisoners and some prisoners who were released from the PA prisons. They described the torture as very harsh and unbearable by humans.

AOHR asserted that using the financial aid in putting pressure on the PA too much helps stopping torture and pushes PA to respect human rights.

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